How To Make Money On Fiverr – This Product Generate $577

In this article, I am going to share my personal experience that how I generate $577 in Fiverr without spending a single penny and I will also help you to understand the strategy that I used to generate this income from the single gig in just 3 months.

This gig is really helping me to get huge sales but the question is from where I get all these bulk tools and why I sell this free tools. Let me clear you all I found this tools on forums and after that, I used Google trends to find keywords popularity as well latest trends I have simply search Facebook marketing tools in Fiverr in 2017 then there is around 14000 searches within 48 hours then i got an idea why not try to sell this gig on fiverr, gigsbucks and fivesquid this are all reputed freelancing websites where I am selling this free product successfully without spending a single penny.

But the Main question is what strategy I use to promote my gigs

I never used paid marketing technique because I know we all are here to earn money not to pay a big amount for any kind of gig promotion. if I can do paid promotion then there is less profit will get. So I mainly use Quora to search people who are actually looking for facebook marketing tools or related product free or at cheap price then I contact them to offer to try this gig but I do not mention that this is my gig if you mentioned them this is your gig then chances to sell product is less up-to 80%. So just refer the audience as a helping purpose, not for selling purpose.

Facebook Marketing Tools – Fiverr Gig  product title, description, and keywords to sell:

Title – I will Send You Facebook Marketing Tools for $5

Gig Description Below:

About this increase your Business Audience and Increase your traffic and sales for life. With this pack you don’t have to spend money to promote manually …, put your business on autopilot.

The price of this pack is only @ just $5 !!! If you order this product you will get :

  1. Like Jacker
  2. Sharer PRO 5.0
  3. Viral Bomb 2.0
  4. Ads Toolbox
  5. F.B. Infiltrator
  6. Lead Chef 3.3.0
  7. Lead Jacker
  8. Content Pro
  9. F.b. Creator 3.0
  10. F.B. Gorilla
  11. Graph Beast 2.0.0
  12. Group Snatcher
  13. Popup Elite
  14. Power Lead Pro
  15. Vault Suite
  16. WP Fan Pro 2.0.2
  17. Like Viral 1.2.1
  18. List Press
  19. WP Social Send
  20. Friend Adder
  21. Friend Commenter 5.5
  22. F. iFrame PRO
  23. Tube Pro
  24. Friend Adder Elite 2.0.2
  25. WP Social Trap
  26. WP4FB 3.0
  27. EZ Fanpage Generator 2.02.05
  28. Face Dominator 2.9
  29. Facebook Blaster Pro 11
  30. Audience Maker
  31. Auto FB Marketer 3.02
  32. AutomateBOOK 2.6.0
  33. BluePage Pro 1.2.262
  34. Social Mobile Press
  35. Post Lab
  36. Post Press
  37. App Creator 2.2
  38. Social Group Infiltrator

Hurry up offer valid up to 1 Month pack is only @ just $5 !!!

Keywords –  Facebook tools, FB marketing, marketing, web traffic

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